I looked for documentation, but I couldn't find a solution.

Through continuous integration (appveyor), I build at every push (or pull request) on GitHub a project, .NET Class library.

Since every build is tagged with a version, I'd like the assemblies to be versioned with the same version. Any suggestion?

Do I have to launch MsBuild in a specified way?

I'm trying to understand how to configure the appveyor.yml file to do that, but no luck so far.



Enable AssemblyInfo patching in appveyor.yml:

  patch: true
  file: AssemblyInfo.*
  assembly_version: "2.2.{build}"
  assembly_file_version: "{version}"
  assembly_informational_version: "{version}"

The assemblyInfo patching works well. I extended that and I am taking the version from the Git Release branch.

You can read it in my Blog post: GitVersion, Versioning made easy and dry

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