In vc++ i am using MScomm for serial communication, i received data in this format 02120812550006050.0, i am not gettng how to read this ,in which format it is, begning starting frame and at the end ending file, remaing i dont know.


it contains date time and data how i can seperate this one


The funny characters are markers indicating things like record start, record end, field separator and so on. Without knowing the actual protocol, it's a little hard to tell.

The data is a lot easier.

Between the 000f and 0002 markers you have a date/time field, 2nd of December 2008, 12:55:00.

Between 0002 and 0003 marker, it looks like a simple float which could be a dollar value or anytrhing really, it depends on what's at the other end of the link.

To separate it, I'm assuming you've read it into a variable character array of some sort. Just look for the markers and extract the fields in between them.

The date/time is fixed size and the value probably is as well (since it has a leading 0), so you could probably just use memcpy's to pull out the information you need from the buffer, null terminate them, convert the value to a float, and voila.

If it is fixed format, you can use something like:

static void extract (char *buff, char *date, char *time, float *val) {
    // format is "\x01\x0fDDMMYYhhmmss\x02vvvvvvv\x03\x04"
    char temp[8];
    memcpy (date, buff +  2, 6); date[6] = '\0';
    memcpy (time, buff +  8, 6); time[6] = '\0';
    memcpy (temp, buff + 15, 7); temp[7] = '\0';
    *val = atof (temp);

and call it with:

char buff[26]; // must be pre-filled before calling extract()
char dt[8];
char tm[8];
float val;
extract (buffer, dt, tm, &val);

If not fixed format, you just have to write code to detect the positions of the field separators and extract what's between them.


It is unlikely that you will figure it out unless you know what you are communicating with and how it communicates with you. (hint -- you can try telling us)

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