I have already been through different tutorials on how to set raspberry pi into a torrent box, but I think most of the how-to tutorials are out-dated.

I have also check my version of deluge daemon using his command:

deluge -v

And it returns this:

deluged: 1.3.10

I have followed the How-To Geek tutorial so far.

Link: http://www.howtogeek.com/142044/how-to-turn-a-raspberry-pi-into-an-always-on-bittorrent-box/

After I stared to get errors I have fully uninstalled and deleted all the files of deluge.

The tutorial suggests this command:

sudo wget -O /etc/default/deluge-daemon http://cdn5.howtogeek.com/wp-content/uploads/gg/up/sshot5151a8c86fb85.txt

But there is no such file as /etc/default/deluge-daemon, instead there is a deluged named file (maybe short for deluge-daemon in new version)

Basically what the command does is that it copies the content of the file http://cdn5.howtogeek.com/wp-content/uploads/gg/up/sshot5151a8c86fb85.txt to the file located at /etc/default/deluge-daemon.

As I can't find deluged-daemon, I chose to do this with /etc/default/deluged

The original content of /etc/default/deluged:

# Defaults for deluged initscript
# sourced by /etc/init.d/deluged

# change to 1 to enable daemon

Content provided on the file http://cdn5.howtogeek.com/wp-content/uploads/gg/up/sshot5151a8c86fb85.txt:

# Configuration for /etc/init.d/deluge-daemon

# The init.d script will only run if this variable non-empty.
DELUGED_USER="pi"             # !!!CHANGE THIS!!!!

# Should we run at startup?

But both files looks different and the deluge daemon doesn't load up on startup.


I managed to resolve this issue using this guide: http://dev.deluge-torrent.org/wiki/UserGuide/Service/systemd.

  1. Follow instructions from this guide (you may skip deluge-web instructions).
  2. Note that deluge user was created with --home /var/lib/deluge.
  3. Update auth (setup an account) and core.conf (set allow_remote flag) files in home dir of deluge user (as opposed to home dir of pi user that is usually mentioned in other tutorials).
  4. Reboot

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