React does not support the visibility attribute for elements.

So if I want to show or hide an element on the page, but still have it take up space when hidden so the layout doesn't shift, how do I do something like this?

<i className="fa fa-trash" visibility={this.state.showButton ? "visible": "hidden"} />

You can use a CSS class for that and dynamically modify your className. For example:

<i className={this.state.showButton ? "fa fa-trash" : "fa fa-trash hidden"} />


You can use CSS for this.

<i className="fa fa-trash" style={{visibility: this.state.showButton ? 'visible' : 'hidden' }} />

Learn more about inline styles in React

  • It's not working because of spelling mistake of "visibility" and 2nd is the lint error, you need to add space after style={{ visibility: this.state.showButton ? 'visible' : 'hidden' }} – Shiladitya Jun 12 '17 at 3:30

This is a css-attribute so you can use inline-styles:

var visibilityState = this.state.showButton ? "visible" : "hidden";
return (
  <i className="fa fa-trash" style={{visibility: visibilityState}}/>

While the accepted answer works perfectly, I want to mention the classnames NPM package as an alternative way of implementing it in a more DRY-friendly way. With that package, you don't need to copy the other, static classes between two strings:

<i className={classNames("fa", "fa-trash", {"hidden": !this.state.showButton})} />

You could use string interpolation to add a css class:

<i className={`fa fa-trash ${this.state.showButton ? "" : "hidden"}`} />

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