Currently I'm trying to serialize a Spring bean called BindingAwareModelMap. I'm aware that that class implements serializable but it doesn't seem to be availble for some reason. In our controller method we have a Map<String, Object> that represents our ModelMap. When we try to serialize it, first we cast it to a BindingAwareModelMap, and try to call writeObject() on it, but sadly it won't compile. Is our approach right or should we be looking somewhere else? Following is the relevant code snippet. Thank you in advance for your help!

public String confirm(final Map<String, Object> model) {
    // stuff happens
    BindingAwareModelMap bindingAwareModelMap = (BindingAwareModelMap) model;

    // ^ This line fails to compile

We found the answer, looks like its actually pretty basic. Here's what we used:

   BindingAwareModelMap bindingAwareModelMap = (BindingAwareModelMap) model;
   FileOutputStream fos = new FileOutputStream("/path/to/file");
   ObjectOutputStream out = new ObjectOutputStream(fos);

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