I'm connecting an IPython console to an existing kernel, via

ipython console --existing /path/to/your/kernel.json

However, when I exit the console, this kills the kernel:

In [8]: exit
Shutting down kernel

(same thing happens with ctrl+D, or any other method that I would normally use to get out of an IPython session). My intention is to have the ipython console temporarily as a debug tool for an IPython notebook. Obviously, I don't want the notebook kernel to die when I finish debugging. I don't want to use qtconsole, as all of this is running on a remote server, to which I'm connected via SSH/tmux. I can't easily "just close" the IPython console. I could supposedly kill the tmux pane, but that's rather cumbersome and just feels wrong. Any better options?


The console can be quit without killing the kernel: quit(keep_kernel=True)

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