I have configuration where I need to register two controllers that are simply:

public class DataApiController : ApiController
    readonly Data _data;
    readonly MongoRepo _mongoRepo;
    readonly JobManager _jobManager;
    readonly QueueManager _queueManager;

    public DataApiController(QueueManager queueManager, 
        MongoRepo mongoRepo, JobManager jobManager, Data data)
        _queueManager = queueManager;
        _mongoRepo = mongoRepo;
        _jobManager = jobManager;
        _data = data;


and another that also uses ApiController. I need to register them as a collection, which I'm doing thusly:

var types = new[] { typeof(DataApiController), typeof(BatchApiController) };
    from type in types
    select Lifestyle.Transient.CreateRegistration(type, container));

While that works I get errors that the Transient setup needed is in error due to IDisposable. OK, I get that and I see that there's an example for getting around that when registering a single item:

public static void RegisterDisposableTransient<TService, TImplementation>(
    this Container container)
    where TImplementation : class, IDisposable, TService
    where TService : class
    var scoped = Lifestyle.Scoped;
    var reg = Lifestyle.Transient.CreateRegistration<TService, TImplementation>(container);
    container.AddRegistration(typeof(TService), reg);
        o => scoped.RegisterForDisposal(container, o));

Is there no override for the error suppression for a collection? I can't get anything to work that suppress the diagnostic warnings, it's like that's just being ignored when the container is verified and I always get the error/warning about Transient and IDisposable. How can I register a collection and let the container know that I get it and I need to suppress the error? Registering a single API Controller with the RegisterDisposableTransient above works fine, but I need to use the collection due to two implementations on one service.

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    How do you resolve a collection of controllers? – qujck Nov 12 '15 at 22:42

Just do the following and everything should work fine:


container.RegisterCollection<ApiController>(new[] {
    typeof(DataApiController), typeof(BatchApiController)

The reason this will work is because:

  • RegisterWebApiControllers will register all the application's controllers with the Transient lifestyle (by their concrete type) and will add a suppression to that registration.
  • Simple Injector will forward any (concrete) types registered using RegisterCollection back to the container, and it will reuse any existing registration.

This results in the existing registrations for DataApiController and BatchApiController (registered using RegisterWebApiControllers) to be reused, including their suppressions.

In case those two ApiControllers aren't registered using RegisterWebApiControllers (perhaps because they are in a different assembly), the following will do the trick as well:

var r1 = Lifestyle.Transient.CreateRegistration<DataApiController>(container);
    "done by web api");

container.AddRegistration(typeof(DataApiController), r1);

var r2 = Lifestyle.Transient.CreateRegistration<BatchApiController>(container);
    "done by web api");

container.AddRegistration(typeof(BatchApiController), r2);

container.RegisterCollection<ApiController>(new[] {
    typeof(DataApiController), typeof(BatchApiController)
  • What solved this for me (after too many hours of trying) was in fact the order that I was registering everything. I was building the container and adding the registrations, including collections, and then registering the WebApi controllers. I get the notion that registering will do its thing, but man that was in no way intuitive. Thank you. – bryan Nov 13 '15 at 13:52

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