This is a sql 2000 database that I am working with.

I have what I call a staging table that is a raw data dump of data, so everything is ntext or nvarchar(255).

I need to cast/convert all of this data into the appropriate data types (ie int, decimal, nvarchar, etc.)

The way I was going to do this was to iterate through all records using a while loop and attempt a CAST on each column on a single record during each iteration, after I visit a particular record I flag it as processed (bit field).

But how can I log the error when/if it occurs but allow the while loop to continue.

At first I implemented this using a TRY CATCH in a local SQL 2005 instance (to get the project going) and all was working well, but i learned today that the dev & production database that the international DBA's have set up is a SQL 2000 instance so I have to conform.

EDIT: I am using a SSIS package to populate the staging table. I see that now I must revisit that package and implement a script component to handle the conversions. Thanks guys

EDIT: I am doing this on a record by record basis, not a batch insert, so the transaction idea seems like it would be feasible but I'm not sure how to trap @@ERROR and allow the stored procedure to continue.

EDIT: I really like Guy's approach, I am going to implement it this way.


Generally I don't like "loop through the record" solutions as they tend to be slow and you end up writing a lot of custom code.


Depending on how many records are in your staging table, you could post process the data with a series of SQL statements that test the columns for correctness and mark any records that fail the test.


UPDATE staging_table
SET status_code = 'FAIL_TEST_1'
WHERE status_code IS NULL
AND ISDATE(ntext_column1) = 0;

UPDATE staging_table
SET status_code = 'FAIL_TEST_2'
WHERE status_code IS NULL
AND ISNUMERIC(ntext_column2) = 0;



INSERT INTO results_table ( mydate, myprice )
SELECT ntext_column1 AS mydate, ntext_column2 AS myprice
FROM staging_table
WHERE status_code IS NULL;

DELETE FROM staging_table
WHERE status_code IS NULL;

And the staging table has all the errors, that you can export and report out.


What are you using to import the file? DTS has scripting abilities that can be used for data validation. If your not using DTS are you using a custom tool? If so do your validation there.

But i think this is what your looking for.

IF @@Error <> 0

In SSIS the "red line" from a data import task can redirect bad rows to a separate destination or transform. I haven't played with it in a while but hope it helps.


Run each cast in a transaction, after each cast, check @@ERROR, if its clear, commit and move on.


It looks like you are doomed. See this document.

TL/DR: A data conversion error always causes the whole batch to be aborted - your sql script will not continue to execute no matter what you do. Transactions won't help. You can't check @@ERROR because execution will already have aborted.

I would first reexamine why you need a staging database full of varchar(255) columns - can whatever fills that database do the conversion?

If not, I guess you'll need to write a program/script to select from the varchar columns, convert, and insert into the prod db.


You could try checking for the data type before casting and actually avoid throwing errors.

You could use functions like:

ISNUM - to check if the data is of a numeric type
ISDATE - to check if it can be cast to DATETIME

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