am new in android development and am using xamarin.android. I am developing a application which contains two activities, Lets say A and B. Activity A contains two edittext and a button, Activity B contains a custom listview. Now what i want to do is passing the values from both edittext in Activity A to the custom listview in Activity B. I know how to create custom listview in the same Activity but dont know how to pass values to another Activity. Also i need to save the application state, that is the list that is created stays there if the user clicks on back navigation key or even if user stops the application.


On Activity A:

// Open B Activity
Intent intent = new Intent(getBaseContext(), B.class);

On Activity B:

protected void onNewIntent(Intent intent) {

        String s1,s2;

        s1 = intent.getStringExtra("key1");
        s2 = intent.getStringExtra("key2");

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