Question is in reference to this documentation:

Special characters seem to be ignored:

q = "title contains 'Hello World*'"

Seems to get me the same results as:

q = "title contains 'Hello World'"

I know that the google bar itself doesn't let you search for special characters in a normal way, so I wonder if this is even possible... BUT if I type into the google drive GUI with special characters, it DOES work.

How do I escape the * so I can find file titles which contain it?


A super hacky way to try to do this is to sniff out what happens when I type in stuff to the browser, and found that to search for g* I made this http post:

<HIDING> was something else but don't want to risk security to my drive:


zx: <HIDING>

There was also additional form data attached to the http post which I have ommited.

  • I might try this on a windows machine with Fiddler and make it work unless someone has a real answer. – D Adams Nov 14 '15 at 5:30
  • I got around my problem by opening an Exact filename, and avoided the search entirely. – D Adams Nov 20 '15 at 2:14

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