My OS is Mac.

I have opened several projects in AndroidStudio, sometimes I wanted to switch between the projects to choose a project. Is there any keyboard shortcuts to do it just like "command/ctrl + tab" ?


Use Cmd + ` (Cmd + Backtick). It switches between all the projects that are open on Android Studio.

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In Android studio command to switch between diffrent project windows (i.e. windows those are not minimised) is as following :

  1. ⌘` -> (i.e command + backtick) -> for next project window
  2. ⇧⌘`-> (i.e shift + command + backtick) for previous project window

You can add your preferable shortcuts in Android studio -> Preference -> Keymap

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I'm not familiar with the Mac version of Android Studio, but the standard key combo for switching between windows within an app on the Mac is cmd-` (cmd-backtick) unless the app maps that to something else.

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For AS 3.5.3, open "Window" menu and look for "Next Project Window" or "Previous Project Window" options. They have the shortcut combinations next to them.


Next Project `

Previous Project `

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⌘` is the default shortcut. But since I have Android Studio 3 installed it doesn't work anymore. I solved this by replacing it through ⌘^ which is the same key combination.

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On a MacBook Pro keyboard getting the backtick requires pressing Shift so stock shortcut doesn't work (Studio 3).

But you can remap it to use the 'tick' instead : ´ So it becomes ⌘ + ´ for next project and ⌘ + shift + ´ for previous project (equivalent of ⌘ + `)

That is probably what the designer had in mind. A forward tilted tick to indicate a forward navigation and the backtick symbolizing "backwards".

See Android Studio -> Preferences -> Keymap -> Main Menu -> Window

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