I want to create a list that contains a URL, like this:

(setf assertion '(BookStore targetNamespace http://www.books.org))

But that results in this error message:

Error in READ [or a callee]: There is no package with the name HTTP.

Why does the URL produce an error?

How do I include a URL as an element of a list?


The expression http://www.books.org tries to find the symbol //www.books.org in the package http. For more information about packages, you can read the chapter in Practical Common Lisp.

You should just add the item to the list as a string.

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    "the function" should probably be "the symbol". Nov 14 '15 at 15:08

Do not use symbols as strings, it's not a good idea. Just use strings.

(defvar *assertion* (list "BookStore" "targetNamespace" "http://www.books.org"))

The URL produce an error because : is for accessing symbols in specified packages, like it says to you. So you just telling the compiler to find symbol "//www.books.org" in the package named "http", and there is no package with this name.

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