I am working on implementing a Reddit login system on my node.js web server using passport-reddit. The system I have in place returns all of the information I need for my users except for their email address. I am wondering if anyone in the community knows of a scope to include to tell Reddit to return an email address or if it's even possible.

My current Reddit routes:

// Setting the reddit oauth routes
    .get(passport.authenticate('reddit', {
      state: ' ',
      duration: 'permanent',
      failureRedirect: '/auth/login',
      //scope: ['email']
    }), users.signin);

    .get(passport.authenticate('reddit', {
      failureRedirect: '/auth/login',
    }), users.authCallback);

OP's question is quite dated, so is the answer I'll link to. Seems that returning anything personal is against the "rules" of reddit.


You can retrieve the username of the reddit user, no first / last name, email though.

Many other pieces of data are returned, but may not be useful to you.

 verified: false,
 over_18: true,
 is_gold: false,
 is_mod: false,
 has_verified_email: true,


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