I'm using Eirslett's frontend-maven-plugin which is a Maven plugin that downloads Node & NPM locally. I'm trying to use Browserify via that plugin.

I have installed Browserify with commands npm install -g browserify and npm install --save-dev browserify. Binary files of Browserify are downloaded correctly under projectname/node_modules/browserify.

I have an test.js file in projectname/src/main/resources/static/test.js which has the following code

var hiObj = {
  sayHi: function(){
    return "Modules"

module.exports = hiObj; 

I have script.js in projectname/src/main/resources/static/script.js and that file is added as an static resource in my HTML.

script.js looks like this

var obj = require('test.js');

But when I try to render index.html I got this in my console

Uncaught ReferenceError: require is not defined

How to get this working?


Use a buildtool like Grunt or Gulp. With Gulp you can use the Browserify API directly and use it in a Gulp stream, for example:

var browserify = require('browserify');

// Stuff

gulp.task('js', function() {
  return browserify(package.paths.app)
   .pipe(/** Do stuff */);
   // More processing

For Grunt there is the grunt-browserify module.

  • I can already use require in my gulpfile and it's working, but require is not defined outside of gulpfile. I bundled my test.js as you said and require it in projectname/src/main/resources/static/script.js, but require is not defined. – SafariIsNewIE Nov 15 '15 at 8:44
  • That's what I'm trying to say, you have to use Gulp/Grunt to compile your JavaScript client code so that the require() stuff is resolved. – g00glen00b Nov 15 '15 at 15:49

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