I've applied the Zenburn 2010 theme to VS2010 without too much trouble. The next problem I have is that the Solution Explorer (and every other pane) is still coming up in the default white colour scheme. How do I go about applying the theme (or suitable alternative) to these panes?




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According to a response from Matthew Johnson from Microsoft on a Q&A page about theming VS2010 (click on Q&A tab, his response is most of the way down the page):

The Solution Explorer is not WPF-based in VS 2010, and is still a Win32 common tree view control. As such, the tree view is rendered using the current Windows theme.

So it looks like it will only change if you change your Windows theme colors/fonts.

  • I agree. Kind of defeats the purpose of an overall theme. Commented Jul 30, 2010 at 13:34

actually its possible now. just download and install the add on


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