The d key in my laptop is not working. I need to remap the Ctrl+Alt+s key combination to d using auto hotkey. However, the send command doesn't really fit my needs as I want to be able to use that key combination for d in other combinations as well, like ⊞ win++d, etc. I could code all such custom shortcuts using the send command, but that does not seem very neat. I've tried using the key remapping syntax as follows:


However that doesn't work. As a side note, ^x::^c works perfectly, but, ^x::c doesn't start mapping the key combination Ctrl+x to the key c.

I wonder why.

I'm looking for a simple way to remap multiple keys to a single one, so that other additional keys pressed with it work as well. This is why the * wildcard doesn't fit my requirements.

  • I can't think of any way to avoid explicitly listing those additional combinations like Win-Ctrl-Alt-S that should be mapped to Win-D. – wOxxOm Nov 15 '15 at 18:07

If you use Alt and Ctrl in your alternative for the d-key, you won't be able to use any hotkey that contains ctrl/alt and d. So my suggestion for you is: Use a single key like F1 as an alternative for your d key. Then just put an asterisk in front of it so that it will even trigger when modifiers like ctrl/win and alt are pressed at the same time and it will work just fine.


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