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I have this regex in Ruby: http://rubular.com/r/eu9LOQxfTj


And it successfully matches input like this:


Which would return


However, when I try this in javascript (testing in chrome), it doesn't match anything. Does javascript's multiline flag mean something else?

I want to capture everything non-greedily between two given tags. How can I accomplish this in javascript using regex? Here is a Debuggex Demo


Regular expression visualization

This is not XML parsing.

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Javascript does not support multiline expressions when using . alone. You have to use [\s\S] in place of . so an example that satisfies what you want would be:

var x = "<sometag>\n\

var ans = x.match(/<sometag>([\s\S]*?)<\/sometag>/im).pop();

// ans equals " 123  456"

note that you still need the m modifier.

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    You should explain that JS doesn't have support for the . to span across multiple lines due to not having the dotall modifier. – hwnd Nov 15 '15 at 19:17
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