I had installed sensu server,sensu client,redis,rabbitmq on individual centos machines.I can see logs of Sensu client for memory check,but the same is missing in sensu server and sensu server logs show:

No keepalive sent from client for 248234 seconds (>=180)\",\"status\":2,\"history\":[\"2\",\"2\",\"2\",\"2\",\"2\",\"2\",\"2\",\"2\",\"2\",\"2\",\"2\",\"2\",\"2\",\"2\",\"2\",\"2\",\"2\",\"2\",\"2\",\"2\",\"2\"],\"total_state_change\":0},\"occurrences\":8246,\"action\":\"create\",\"timestamp\":1447675210}"]}

I am new to it .Request anyone to help me out.Thanks in advance

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I had same issue. I tried to delete the client manually from uchiwa and then with curl, and restart sensu-client and sensu-server and redis as well. No success.Then I found something interesting in google groups


It seems that if you hosts are not well time and date syncronized sensu complaints in this way.

So at the end I just ran ntpdate command as:

 # ntpdate pool.ntp.org

and then restart sensu-client and problem was solved.

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    worked for me, I ran ntpdate on all my machines.. irony is, i owned ntpdate 15 years back on netware :)
    – Siddharth
    Dec 24, 2016 at 19:35

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