Is there a way to detect Google Chrome's version from the console. I know I can parse the user agent string - but I prefer a more concise way.

Here is what I currently have:

var uaStr = navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase();
var index = uaStr.indexOf('chrome/');
uaStr.substring(index +7,index+11);

I would like to know if there's a better way - something like chrome.version()



In Chrome DevTools Console execute the following statement:

 > navigator.appVersion.match(/.*Chrome\/([0-9\.]+)/)[1]

And you will get the version number as a string

 > "51.0.2704.103"
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    Thanks - but I don't see much difference between navigator.userAgent and navigator.appVersion. – Rubinsh Jun 30 '16 at 6:42

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