I just started learning RobotFramework with Selenium2Library and I can't get to fix an issue on a simple script.


  • Windows 8.1
  • Selenium2Library
  • Firefox
  • Python 2.7.6

RobotFramework Test Case

        *** Settings ***
    Library     Selenium2Library
Resource resource.robot

Send Email
    Open Browser To Login Page
    ${username}=    set variable    mail@hotmail.com
    ${email}=   Set Variable  i0116
    Input Username    ${email}  ${username} 
    ${pw}=      set variable    mypw
    ${pwlab}=   Set Variable  passwd
    Input Password    ${pwlab}  ${pw}
    Submit logiiin
    sleep   5
    Press Key   c_cb0   N

in the file resource.robot i have:

*** Variables ***
${SERVER}         login.live.com/login.srf?wa=wsignin1.0&rpsnv=12&ct=1447686304&rver=6.4.6456.0&wp=MBI_SSL_SHARED&wreply=https:%2F%2Fmail.live.com%2Fdefault.aspx&lc=2070&id=64855&mkt=pt-pt&cbcxt=mai
${BROWSER}        Firefox
${DELAY}          0
${LOGIN URL}      https://${SERVER}

*** Keywords ***
Open Browser To Login Page
    Open Browser    ${LOGIN URL}    ${BROWSER}
    Maximize Browser Window
    Set Selenium Speed    ${DELAY}

Input Username
    [Arguments]    ${email}     ${username}
    Input Text    ${email}    ${username}

Submit email
    Click Button    next

Input Password
    [Arguments]    ${pwlab}     ${pw}
    Input Text      ${pwlab}        ${pw}

Submit logiiin
    Click Button    idSIButton9

Submit newMail
    Click Element        NewMessage

this work loggin but fail new email for send, say this erro:

WebDriverException: Message: Permission denied to access property "__qosId" Stracktrace:

at r (https://a.gfx.ms/Share_xgR2IG1nRyxXCDZm4LxGdg2.js:1>
at u/< (https://a.gfx.ms/Share_xgR2IG1nRyxXCDZm4LxGdg2.js:1>

but i not understand why

  • which keyword is giving you that error? – Bryan Oakley Nov 16 '15 at 19:38
  • this: Press Key c_cb0 N it is for create new email print of output in cmd link – Fabio Nov 17 '15 at 15:17
  • This may not be terribly useful for anything more than a possible cause, but I recently updated from Selenium 2.5.X to 3.0.1, going from Firefox 46 to Firefox 49. I started getting WebDriverException: Message: Permission denied to access property "_musculaEventHandlerId" during a Select Window (Selenium2Library) command. So whatever this problem is, it seems to be a Selenium bug. – Noah Nov 21 '16 at 17:11

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