I am building the gomobile Hello example app, but am running into the following problem: When trying to build and run the app after opening it in Xcode (7.1), I get the error 'hello/Hello.h' file not found' From what I can tell, Hello.h is in fact in the hello folder of the native directory.

Xcode Error Message

  • Post your problem code here. Don't use screenshots to ask a question. – Sly Dec 1 '15 at 23:04

Following this discussion on Github, it seems like this is due to a recent change in the way Xcode 7 updates paths for the headers.

The proposed solution is to check Copy items if needed when importing the framework:

enter image description here

I can confirm that this fixes the issue. But note that you would then need to re-import the framework every time you make changes and build the go code.

  • @ZAK Glad to have been of help! – Herman Schaaf Feb 7 '16 at 12:47

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