I have a Debian server on which runs Xen 4.4. I want to crete a new Windows 7 virtual machine and install it from ISO image. This is the config file which I use for this:

kernel = "/usr/lib/xen-4.4/boot/hvmloader"

builder = 'hvm'

name = "win7"
uuid = "44dee145-256a-4450-9270-73aebd8b64a5"
memory = 2048
vcpus = 1
on_poweroff = "destroy"
on_reboot = "restart"
on_crash = "restart"

disk = [

vif = [ "mac=00:16:3e:46:e6:fb,bridge=br0" ]
vnc = 1
vnclisten = ""
vncunused = 1
localtime = 1
vncpasswd = "XXXXXXXX"

I execute this commad: xl create win7.cfg

It prins the following errors:

Parsing config from win7.cfg
WARNING: ignoring "kernel" directive for HVM guest. Use "firmware_override" instead if you really want a non-default firmware
libxl: error: libxl_dm.c:1250:libxl__spawn_local_dm: device model /usr/lib/xen-4.4/bin/qemu-dm is not executable: No such file or directory
libxl: error: libxl_dm.c:1388:device_model_spawn_outcome: (null): spawn failed (rc=-3)
libxl: error: libxl_create.c:1186:domcreate_devmodel_started: device model did not start: -3
libxl: error: libxl_dm.c:1484:kill_device_model: unable to find device model pid in /local/domain/395/image/device-model-pid
libxl: error: libxl.c:1421:libxl__destroy_domid: libxl__destroy_device_model failed for 395

In the /usr/lib/xen-4.4/bin/ directory I do not have qemu-dm file. I have read on Debian forun the qemu-dm was removed from the Xen 4.4. Previously I have Xen 4.1. For this version the qemu-dm exeists and stores in the /usr/lib/xen-4.4/bin/qemu-dm

How to solve this problem?


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/usr/lib/xen-4.4/bin/qemu-dm seems to be a calculated path, but as you mentioned, it points to no existing file in Debian 8 Jessie.

What helped me with only using Debian 8 on-board resources:

  • Install qemu-system-x86. (Not sure if this is really necessary.)
  • Remove the kernel = … line from the DomU configuration file. (To silence the warning that this line will be ignored.)
  • Add a line device_model_version="qemu-xen" to the DomU configuration file. (This is probably the main thing to do to get it working again.)

Found out empirically after skimming through this thread on the xen-users mailing list.

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