How could I add a number to a character. For example if I say A+1 I want to get B and so on. Especially I would like to write a function to get the successor of a tuple (char,char,char). For example myfunc (A,B,C) would be (A,B,D) and so on.

Any standard way to do this in haskell?


Using the suggestion by @behzad.nouri, you could do something like this:

myfunc :: (Char, Char, Char) -> (Char, Char, Char)
myfunc (x,y,z) = (x,y,succ z)

Take a look at Data.Char. The ord and chr functions are what you're after. Perhaps something like:

nextChar :: Char -> Char
nextChar x = chr $ ord x + 1
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    Char is an instance of Enum which means you may simply call succ instead of redefining it – behzad.nouri Nov 18 '15 at 0:48
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    Agree with @behzad.nouri here. If you want to see how that works, check out the source. toEnum . (+ 1) . fromEnum :) – Mario Nov 18 '15 at 4:47

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