I sent up a 4 node cluster (1 master 3 workers) running Kubernetes on Ubuntu. I turned on --authorization-mode=ABAC and set up a policy file with an entry like the following

{"user":"bob", "readonly": true, "namespace": "projectgino"}

I want user bob to only be able to look at resources in projectgino. I'm having problems using kubectl command line as user Bob. When I run the following command

kubectl get pods --token=xxx --namespace=projectgino --server=https://xxx.xxx.xxx.xx:6443

I get the following error

error: couldn't read version from server: the server does not allow access to the requested resource

I traced the kubectl command line code and the problem seems to caused by kubectl calling function NegotiateVersion in pkg/client/helper.go. This makes a call to /api on the server to get the version of Kubernetes. This call fails because the rest path doesn't contain namespace projectgino. I added trace code to pkg/auth/authorizer/abac/abac.go and it fails on the namespace check.

I haven't moved up the the latest 1.1.1 version of Kubernetes yet, but looking at the code I didn't see anything that has changed in this area.

Does anybody know how to configure Kubernetes to get around the problem?


This is missing functionality in the ABAC authorizer. The fix is in progress: #16148.

As for a workaround, from the authorization doc:

For miscellaneous endpoints, like /version, the resource is the empty string.

So you may be able to solve by defining a policy:

{"user":"bob", "readonly": true, "resource": ""}

(note the empty string for resource) to grant access to unversioned endpoints. If that doesn't work I don't think there's a clean workaround that will let you use kubectl with --authorization-mode=ABAC.

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