This is my config

new MediumEditor(".editor", {
    buttons: ['italic', 'bold', 'underline', 'anchor', 'unorderedlist', 'quote'],
    paste: {
        // This example includes the default options for paste, if nothing is passed this is what it used
        forcePlainText: false,
        cleanPastedHtml: true,
        cleanReplacements: [],
        cleanAttrs: ['id', 'style'],
        cleanTags: ['a', 'br']

When i paste some html text i would expect the id and style attrs to be removed, aswell as the a and br tags. But thats not happening, see plunker here

Am i doing something wrong?


It looks like this was a typo between camel casing the option name you passed in: cleanPastedHtml vs cleanPastedHTML.

If you use cleanPastedHTML instead, I believe this will fix your problem.

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