In Rails, I can run:

rake db:migrate:status

But how about Laravel? How would I know which migrations will run when I do:

php artisan migrate

I am on a production server, and I need to make sure that I won't break things.


It's the exact same way with artisan, just add :status:

php artisan migrate:status

In the future you can run just php artisan and it will list all available commands with a short description for each one. If you want more details about a command, like usage and what options it accepts, you can run php artisan help [command]. So for your command it would be:

php artisan help migrate:status
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    Thanks, although its strange as I googled it but didn't find anything before I post the question.. – simo Nov 19 '15 at 12:35
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    You're very welcome. Indeed, there are no specific results in Google about this subject, there is only an article down in the results about migrations that mentions it. The good part is that this question was already indexed by Google, so it can be found by future searches. – Bogdan Nov 19 '15 at 12:43

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