In my android app, I have a feature to share some information. I use an intent (plain text) to share the information in whatever way the user chooses (Whatsapp, E-mail etc). Now, the string I have contains a phrase like "foo.me". If this is shared via whatsapp, it is regarded as an hyperlink to the domain https://foo.me. However, I do not want whatsapp to think that this is a link.

What options do I have to prevent whatsapp from making the part of the string clickable? Sure, I could enter a space between the "." and the "me", but I do not want that (only if nothing else works). Are there any hidden special symbols I could add in the string, so that it does not look like a URL or tell whatsapp in any way that this is not a URL (escape characters)?


Try to wrap your string into CDATA section.

  • This changes nothing, unfortunately. It is still clickable. – Merlin1896 Nov 19 '15 at 22:31

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