I need to ensure that a user signing in with Google Signin was authenticated recently with multi factor authentication. Looking through the OpenID connect request parameters there are some things like promising for this: acr_values and max_age.

During testing max_age seems useless. I'm still just authenticated with my existing cookie, rather than being actively authenticated by Google. Using this request parameter does make the id token contain this json

"amr": [

which according to this rfc means the authentication method reference was risk based authentication. It turns out this always returns rba. If logout and then sign back in it returns rba and not pwd mfa like I was expecting.

I don't see any values defined for acr_values.


Is it possible to:

  • Force a user to re-authenticate with Google Sign (e.g. no cookie based auth)?
  • Determine if the user authenticated with password or multifactor?
  • Determine when the user authenticated? (Currently auth_time seems to get set to the time Google saw my session cookie when I initiate the sign in flow)
  • Request that a user authenticate with MFA?

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