I am coding a feature in which I read and write back json. However I can read the json elements from a file but can't edit the same loaded object. Here is my code which I am working on.

InputStream inp = new FileInputStream(jsonFilePath);
JsonReader reader = Json.createReader(inp);

JsonArray employeesArr = reader.readArray();
for (int i = 0; i < 2; i++) {
    JsonObject jObj = employeesArr.getJsonObject(i);
    JsonObject teammanager = jObj.getJsonObject("manager");

    Employee manager = new Employee();
    manager.name = teammanager.getString("name");
    manager.emailAddress = teammanager.getString("email");
    System.out.println("uploading File " + listOfFiles[i].getName());
    File file  = insertFile(...);
    JsonObject tmpJsonValue = Json.createObjectBuilder()
        .add("fileId", file.getId())
        .add("alternativeLink", file.getAlternateLink())

    jObj.put("alternativeLink", tmpJsonValue.get("alternativeLink"));  <-- fails here 

I get the following exception when I run it.

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException

at java.util.AbstractMap.put(AbstractMap.java:203)

at com.mongodb.okr.DriveQuickstart.uploadAllFiles(DriveQuickstart.java:196)

at com.mongodb.okr.App.main(App.java:28)

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The javadoc of JsonObject states

JsonObject class represents an immutable JSON object value (an unordered collection of zero or more name/value pairs). It also provides unmodifiable map view to the JSON object name/value mappings.

You can't modify these objects.

You'll need to create a copy. There doesn't seem to be a direct way to do that. It looks like you'll need to use Json.createObjectBuilder() and build it yourself (see the example in the javadoc linked).


As answered by Sotirios, you can use JsonObjectBuilders. To insert value into JsonObject, you can use method:

private JsonObject insertValue(JsonObject source, String key, String value) {
    JsonObjectBuilder builder = Json.createObjectBuilder();
    builder.add(key, value);
            forEach(e -> builder.add(e.getKey(), e.getValue()));
    return builder.build();

To insert JsonObject into JsonObject, you can use method:

private JsonObject insertObject(JsonObject parent, JsonObject child, String childName) {
    JsonObjectBuilder child_builder = Json.createObjectBuilder();
    JsonObjectBuilder parent_builder = Json.createObjectBuilder();
            forEach(e -> parent_builder.add(e.getKey(), e.getValue()));
            forEach(e -> child_builder.add(e.getKey(), e.getValue()));
    parent_builder.add(childName, child_builder);
    return parent_builder.build();

Please note, if you change the child JsonObject after inserting it into another "parent" JsonObject, it will have no effect on the "parent" JsonObject.


JsonObject is immutable so you cannot modify the object , you can use this example and try to inspire from it : creation of a new JsonObject who contains the same values and add some elements to it ..

Example :

        import java.io.ByteArrayInputStream;
        import java.io.InputStream;

        import javax.json.Json;
        import javax.json.JsonArray;
        import javax.json.JsonArrayBuilder;
        import javax.json.JsonObject;
        import javax.json.JsonObjectBuilder;
        import javax.json.JsonReader;
        import javax.json.JsonValue;

        public class Jsonizer {
        public static void main(String[] args) {

    try {
        String s = "{\"persons\": [ {\"name\":\"oussama\",\"age\":\"30\"}, {\"name\":\"amine\",\"age\":\"25\"} ]}";
        InputStream is = new ByteArrayInputStream(s.getBytes());
        JsonReader jr = Json.createReader(is);
        JsonObject jo = jr.readObject();
        System.out.println("Before :");
        JsonArray ja = jo.getJsonArray("persons");

        InputStream targetStream = new ByteArrayInputStream("{\"name\":\"sami\",\"age\":\"50\"}".getBytes());
        jr = Json.createReader(targetStream);
        JsonObject newJo = jr.readObject();
        JsonArrayBuilder jsonArraybuilder = Json.createArrayBuilder();
        for (JsonValue jValue : ja) {
        ja = jsonArraybuilder.build();
        JsonObjectBuilder jsonObjectBuilder = Json.createObjectBuilder();
        jsonObjectBuilder.add("persons", ja);
        JsonObject jsonAfterAdd = jsonObjectBuilder.build();

    } catch (Exception e) {
        // TODO Auto-generated catch block


Output :

       Before :

Try using the simple JSONObject, not javax.

import org.json.JSONObject;

You can download the jar or include it in your maven or gradle like so:

dependencies {
  compile group: 'com.googlecode.json-simple', name: 'json-simple', version: '1.1.1'

also see: creating json string using JSONObject and JSONArray

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