I have recently installed the Anaconda distribution on Windows 7 (Anaconda 3-2.4.0-Windows-x86_64). Unlike IDLE, I can't right-click and open a py file in the Spyder IDE. I will have to open Spyder first and then navigate to the file or drag and drop it in the editor. Is there any way to open the file in the editor directly from Widows Explorer?


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With the current version of Anaconda (4.1.0) you can simply right-click on a python script in Windows File Explorer and choose "Open with". The first time you do this you need to select "Choose default program" and then browse to spyder.exe in the Script directory in your Anaconda installation. Also make sure that the "Always use the selected program to open this kind of file" is unchecked and then click OK. From now on spyder.exe will always be listed as one of the options when you select "Open with" from the right-click menu in Windows File Explorer.

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    The icon is broken and it pops up a black box every time, but it works!
    – endolith
    Jun 16, 2017 at 3:29

I have had a similar problem with another piece of software that I use.

My work around for this problem is to set the file association for .py files to C:\Anaconda\Scripts\spider-script.py via the Open with dialog. If you now try to open your File.py by double clicking you'll receive an error like

~\file.py is not a valid Win32 application.

This can be resolved by editing the spyder-script.py registry key:


and replacing the default value "C:\Anaconda\Scripts\spyder-script.py" %1 with "C:\Anaconda\python.exe" "C:\Anaconda\Scripts\spyder-script.py" %1. Use the search function for this key if the path isn't the same for your machine, and of course use the appropriate path for your python installation. spyder-script.py should now execute in a python shell.

From the docstring of ftype,

...Within an open command string, %0 or %1 are substituted with the file name being launched through the association.


(Spyder maintainer here) This functionality is available as part of our Windows installer. In other words, if you install Spyder with it, then you'll see a new entry in the Open with menu of the Windows Explorer that allows you to open Python files directly on Spyder.

Unfortunately, it's not possible for us to do the same for other installation methods (i.e. when using Anaconda or pip). That's why need to implement hacks as the ones mentioned in other answers here.

  • Alas, I've installed Anaconda 2.4.1 (I uninstalled an older version first), yet I cannot right click (open with) .py files with Spyder (I can't associate the executable with the file extension). Also, after installing (Windows 7 x64; for everyone), I didn't see Spyder (or any Anaconda stuff) in my Start menu. The Spyder executable did not associate with the Spyder icon either. Didn't know if any of this was related.
    – asylumax
    Jan 14, 2016 at 19:52
  • @asylumax, sorry, we were not able to add that functionality in 2.4.1. It will come in a future version (still don't know in which one). Jan 14, 2016 at 20:53
  • I changed the answer to be more accurate. Jan 14, 2016 at 20:55
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    Carlos, has there been any progress regarding this feature?
    – MichaelSB
    Mar 30, 2017 at 22:46
  • No, sorry, there hasn't been any progress on this yet. Mar 31, 2017 at 20:17

What is working very well for me in Windows (10), is associating the *.py files with a batch file (let's say "SpyderBATCH.bat") containing this line :

[ANACONDA_FOLDER_PATH]\pythonw.exe" "[ANACONDA_FOLDER_PATH]\cwp.py" "[ANACONDA_FOLDER_PATH]" "[ANACONDA_FOLDER_PATH]/pythonw.exe" "[ANACONDA_FOLDER_PATH]/Scripts/spyder-script.py" %1  

Where [ANACONDA_FOLDER_PATH] has to be replaced with the full path to the Anaconda folder (usually under "Program Files").

What Windows does, when double-clicking on a python script (let's say "file.py"), is pass to SpyderBATCH, as parameter number %1, the full path to "file.py".

Then Spyder is launched and displays the script "file.py" in the editor view.

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    Is it possible to prevent a new Spyder window to pop up for each script?
    – skjerns
    Mar 2, 2018 at 13:41
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    Works for me, and doesn't create a new instance of Spyder. However I need to confirme everytime that I want to open the script with that batch file. Nov 5, 2018 at 0:21

I figured I would post my solution for this as well.

I have Spyder installed in multiple different environments. You can't simply call the spyder-script.py script without errors, because the environment must be activated.

@echo off
call [YOUR_CONDA_PATH]\Scripts\activate.bat [YOUR_CONDA_PATH]
call conda activate [YOUR ENVIRONMENT]
call start [YOUR_CONDA_PATH]\envs\[YOUR ENVIRONMENT]\pythonw.exe "[YOUR_CONDA_PATH]\envs\[YOUR ENVIRONMENT]\Scripts\spyder-script.py" %1

You can remove the second line and remove the environment extension from the third line if you have Spyder installed in your base environment.

Hopefully for anyone experiencing any weirdness with the other solution, this one will do the trick by activating the environment correctly.


The solution from JoeB152 worked perfectly for me!

If you are interested in adding the spyder icon (or any other) to the .py-files and if you would like to avoid the cmd-pop-up, I found out the following workaround which is feasible without admin rights:

  1. Download the portable version of Bat To Exe Converter (I used v3.0.10).
  2. Open your custom .bat-file in the Bat to Exe Converter.
  3. In the options settings, activate "Icon" and give the path to the respective icon (for me it's in: .../AppData/Local/Continuum/anaconda3/Scripts/spyder.ico).
  4. Set Exe-Format to Invisible (no empty cmd window would pop up anymore)
  5. Convert your .bat-file to an .exe-file.
  6. As usual, set to open .py-files with the newly created .exe.


Environment: Windows 10, Conda 4.8.2, Spyder 4.0.1, Python 3.7


This problem is related to anaconda installation defaults - it does not register itself in PATH by default an dicourages users to do so. After proprly registering all directories in path, spyder.exe works as expected.

How to know, what to register? locate and activate.bat an run it in cmd, then run echo %PATH% and manually register all directories mentioning anaconda.

Alternatively, reinstall anaconda with PATH registratin enabled. Then you can associate .py files wit spyder.exe and association will work.


I'm answering because it took me over an hour to piecemeal together all the (great) solutions that are provided in this thread to get something that works (thanks Martin Sorgel, JoeB152 and Max-K). Forgive me if its redundant but I needed a more straight forward explanation to get this working.

Full Solution:

  1. Don't use a Bat-to-Exe converter. All of the ones you're finding via google have got some bad malware in them and my computer ended up deleting the .exe's I was making using that method because they had a Trojan in them. Also you don't need them.

  2. Make a new file .bat file that will launch Spyder as follows. I did this using NotePad++

    @echo off
    call [YOUR_CONDA_PATH]\Scripts\activate.bat [YOUR_CONDA_PATH]
    call conda activate [YOUR ENVIRONMENT]
    call start [YOUR_CONDA_PATH]\envs\[YOUR ENVIRONMENT]\pythonw.exe "[YOUR_CONDA_PATH]\envs\[YOUR ENVIRONMENT]\Scripts\spyder-script.py" %1

    My [YOUR_CONDA_PATH] was just C:\Users\myusername\Anaconda3\. Yours is likely similar. JoeB152 says you can remove the second line and remove the environment extension from the third line if you have Spyder installed in your base environment. You will know that this .bat file is correct if when you double click on it, that it opens Spyder in the environment you want it.

  3. Open an Anaconda Terminal, and "run as an administrator" and associate your .py files with new .bat file you just created as follows. As others pointed out the spaces and quotation marks need to be precisely where they are here. If you don't run as an admin you will be denied access to associate .py=Python.

assoc .py=Python 
ftype Python="[PATH_TO_YOUR.batfile]" "%1" %*

You should be all set to be able to double click .py files and have them open in spyder. This solution doesn't associate those files with the icon for sypder, but it does auto open those files without infecting your PC with malware.

Windows 10, Python 3.7.7


I was unable to find a spyder.exe on my installation of conda. However in my users/.anaconda/navigator/scripts I found a spyder.bat file. Using this to open the file opens an anaconda prompt and shortly after spyder will open the file. The file icon is broken but it works for me. Hope this might help.

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