I am new to ruby on rails. I am building an app that use Autodesk view and Data API to view files in the SHOW view. Processing each file takes time and so, when a user clicks the show link next to the file name, it takes a while for the browser to move to the view to the point that a user thinks that the show link is not responding. What is the simplest way to show a progress bar of the process when clicking on the show link? Also, when the show page appears, I need to refresh the page for the drawing to start showing in the view. How can I auto refresh the page for one time?

  • JQuery's ProgressBar (set to indeterminate) will keep your users from freaking out. JavaScript has a reload function you can use to reload a page. – MarsAtomic Nov 20 '15 at 4:46

You should follow the github repository code for this https://github.com/caarlos0/nprogress-rails.

I hope it'll help you..


You asked for a simplest way, there you are: https://github.com/caarlos0/nprogress-rails

This gem will include nprogress to your application, please read the manual at the link above, notice if you are using Turbolink or not to setup it proper.

You basically have to add the requires to the application.js file:

//= require nprogress
//= require nprogress-turbolinks

The nprogress-turbolinks is required only if you use turbolinks.

Also, into your application.css.scss file:

*= require nprogress
*= require nprogress-bootstrap

The nprogress-bootstrap is required if you use bootstrap and have a fixed toolbar or anything else. tl;dr: if the console shows no errors, but the progress doesn't appear, try this.

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