I have used database import/export to move in and out data out of SQL Server with no problems.

After 3 hours of searching, I have not seen the SQL server Import/Export equivalent for an Azure SQL server database.

Is there a simple tool/utility from MS or other that can import/export data to Sql Azure?

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You could use the BCP command line utility. https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/documentation/articles/sql-data-warehouse-load-with-bcp/


I made a simplified workaround. You can import your excel or csv into Local sql server using import task and out of this import table, you can create a Sql script with insert data statement. Run this script on your Azure Database. If you dont have any sql server installed, just download a simple sqlitebrowser, you can do the same using sqlite. search for SQLiteDatabaseBrowserPortable


I always use BULK. However, as the server of Azure obviously located in somewhere else other than your pc, you need to modify it a bit:

      LOCATION = 'https://xxxxxxxx.blob.core.windows.net/miladcontainer'

The above code first creates a virtual DATA SOURCE, and then you can use BULK INSERT to upload from it with the following code:

BULK INSERT clinical_survey
FROM 'clinical_survey.csv'
WITH (DATA_SOURCE = 'MyAzureBlobStorage',
  FORMAT = 'CSV');

Steps should be taken before executing the code is as follows:

1- Create a blob storage container (search at Azure and create a public one)
2- When asked, choose BLOB PUBLIC STORAGE
3- Upload your CSV file in Blob that was just created
4- Execute the above codes separately


BCP is the way to go.

BCP <databasename>.dbo.<tablename> IN <localfolder>\<filename>.txt -S <servername> -d <database> -U <username>@<servername> -P <password> -q -c -C -t ;

The -C enables you to use UTF-8 as needed for cases with special chars (like æøå).


As previously stated you can use BCP, but remember that Azure SQL also has BCP built in which you can use.

Here is example on how to do it https://marczak.io/posts/azure-loading-csv-to-sql/

Alternatively you can easily load data from blob storage into database using Azure data Factory, you can example find here: https://azure4everyone.com/posts/2019/07/data-factory-intro/


Azure SQL Database supports import and export of .bacpac/.dacpac files. Please see the following article for more details:


You can go to "New" button on top left and click "Dataset" - local File to import any file that you would want into Azure machine. That is the best and easiest way to import.

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