How to sign a post(any document or text) in browser using smart card. What I have investigated so far:

ActiveX - IE only Silverlight - no access to certificates at all and as a plugin faces the same limitations as Java

Browser specific extensions; For example Firefox up until version 33 used to have window.crypto.signText but not anymore

local applications installed on the client - not easy to install, support, develop and update for several OS and their different versions.

Web Cryptography - "only basic cryptographic functions", no certificates support I ran out of ideas. All suggestions are welcome and appreciated.

i tried a java applet the code is here below. main class: Smartcard applet.java public class SmartCardSignerApplet extends Applet {

private static final String FILE_NAME_FIELD_PARAM = "fileNameField";
private static final String CERT_CHAIN_FIELD_PARAM = "certificationChainField";
private static final String SIGNATURE_FIELD_PARAM = "signatureField";
private static final String SIGN_BUTTON_CAPTION_PARAM = "signButtonCaption";

private static final String PKCS11_KEYSTORE_TYPE = "PKCS11";
private static final String X509_CERTIFICATE_TYPE = "X.509";
private static final String CERTIFICATION_CHAIN_ENCODING = "PkiPath";
private static final String DIGITAL_SIGNATURE_ALGORITHM_NAME = "SHA1withRSA";
private static final String SUN_PKCS11_PROVIDER_CLASS = "sun.security.pkcs11.SunPKCS11";

private Button mSignButton;   //initialises applet public void init() {
    String signButtonCaption = this.getParameter(SIGN_BUTTON_CAPTION_PARAM);
    mSignButton = new Button(signButtonCaption);
    mSignButton.setLocation(0, 0);
    Dimension appletSize = this.getSize();
    mSignButton.addActionListener(new ActionListener(){
        public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e) {
}    \\   signing the file private void signSelectedFile() {
    try {
        // Get the file name to be signed from the form in the HTML document
        JSObject browserWindow = JSObject.getWindow(this);
        JSObject mainForm = (JSObject) browserWindow.eval("document.forms[0]");
        String fileNameFieldName = this.getParameter(FILE_NAME_FIELD_PARAM);
        JSObject fileNameField = (JSObject) mainForm.getMember(fileNameFieldName);
        String fileName = (String) fileNameField.getMember("value");

        // Perform the actual file signing
        CertificationChainAndSignatureBase64 signingResult = signFile(fileName);
        if (signingResult != null) {
            // Document  signed. Fill the certificate and signature fields
            String certChainFieldName = this.getParameter(CERT_CHAIN_FIELD_PARAM);
            JSObject certChainField = (JSObject) mainForm.getMember(certChainFieldName);
            certChainField.setMember("value", signingResult.mCertificationChain);
            String signatureFieldName = this.getParameter(SIGNATURE_FIELD_PARAM);
            JSObject signatureField = (JSObject) mainForm.getMember(signatureFieldName);
            signatureField.setMember("value", signingResult.mSignature);
        } else {
            // User canceled signing
    catch (DocumentSignException dse) {
        // Document signing failed. Display error message
        String errorMessage = dse.getMessage();
        JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(this, errorMessage);
    catch (SecurityException se) {
            "Unable to access the local file system.\n" +
            "This applet should be started with full security permissions.\n" +
            "Please accept to trust this applet when the Java Plug-In ask you.");
    catch (JSException jse) {
            "Unable to access some of the fields of the\n" +
            "HTML form. Please check the applet parameters.");
    catch (Exception e) {
        JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(this, "Unexpected error: " + e.getMessage());

private CertificationChainAndSignatureBase64 signFile(String aFileName) throws DocumentSignException {

    // Load the file for signing
    byte[] documentToSign = null;
    try {
        documentToSign = readFileInByteArray(aFileName);
    } catch (IOException ioex) {
        String errorMessage = "Can not read the file for signing " + aFileName + ".";
        throw new DocumentSignException(errorMessage, ioex);

    // Show a dialog for choosing PKCS#11 implementation library and smart card PIN
    PKCS11LibraryFileAndPINCodeDialog pkcs11Dialog =
        new PKCS11LibraryFileAndPINCodeDialog();
    boolean dialogConfirmed;
    try {
        dialogConfirmed = pkcs11Dialog.run();
    } finally {

    if (dialogConfirmed) {
        String oldButtonLabel = mSignButton.getLabel();
        try {
            String pkcs11LibraryFileName = pkcs11Dialog.getLibraryFileName();
            String pinCode = pkcs11Dialog.getSmartCardPINCode();

            // Do the actual signing of the document with the smart card
            CertificationChainAndSignatureBase64 signingResult =
                signDocument(documentToSign, pkcs11LibraryFileName, pinCode);
            return signingResult;
        } finally {
    else {
        return null;

private CertificationChainAndSignatureBase64 signDocument(
    byte[] aDocumentToSign, String aPkcs11LibraryFileName, String aPinCode)
throws DocumentSignException {
    if (aPkcs11LibraryFileName.length() == 0) {
        String errorMessage = "It is mandatory to choose a PCKS#11 native " +
            "implementation library for for smart card (.dll or .so file)!";
        throw new DocumentSignException(errorMessage);

    // Load the keystore from the smart card using the specified PIN code
    KeyStore userKeyStore = null;
    try {
        userKeyStore = loadKeyStoreFromSmartCard(aPkcs11LibraryFileName, aPinCode);
    } catch (Exception ex) {
        String errorMessage = "Can not read the keystore from the smart card.\n" +
            "Possible reasons:\n" +
            " - The smart card reader in not connected.\n" +
            " - The smart card is not inserted.\n" +
            " - The PKCS#11 implementation library is invalid.\n" +
            " - The PIN for the smart card is incorrect.\n" +
            "Problem details: " + ex.getMessage();
        throw new DocumentSignException(errorMessage, ex);

    // Get the private key and its certification chain from the keystore
    PrivateKeyAndCertChain privateKeyAndCertChain = null;
    try {
        privateKeyAndCertChain =
    } catch (GeneralSecurityException gsex) {
        String errorMessage = "Can not extract the private key and " +
            "certificate from the smart card. Reason: " + gsex.getMessage();
        throw new DocumentSignException(errorMessage, gsex);

    // Check if the private key is available
    PrivateKey privateKey = privateKeyAndCertChain.mPrivateKey;
    if (privateKey == null) {
        String errorMessage = "Can not find the private key on the smart card.";
        throw new DocumentSignException(errorMessage);

    // Check if X.509 certification chain is available
    Certificate[] certChain = privateKeyAndCertChain.mCertificationChain;
    if (certChain == null) {
        String errorMessage = "Can not find the certificate on the smart card.";
        throw new DocumentSignException(errorMessage);

    // Create the result object
    CertificationChainAndSignatureBase64 signingResult =
        new CertificationChainAndSignatureBase64();

    // Save X.509 certification chain in the result encoded in Base64
    try {
        signingResult.mCertificationChain = encodeX509CertChainToBase64(certChain);
    catch (CertificateException cee) {
        String errorMessage = "Invalid certificate on the smart card.";
        throw new DocumentSignException(errorMessage);

    // Calculate the digital signature of the file,
    // encode it in Base64 and save it in the result
    try {
        byte[] digitalSignature = signDocument(aDocumentToSign, privateKey);
        signingResult.mSignature = Base64Utils.base64Encode(digitalSignature);
    } catch (GeneralSecurityException gsex) {
        String errorMessage = "File signing failed.\n" +
            "Problem details: " + gsex.getMessage();
        throw new DocumentSignException(errorMessage, gsex);

    return signingResult;

 * Loads the keystore from the smart card using its PKCS#11 implementation
 * library and the Sun PKCS#11 security provider. The PIN code for accessing
 * the smart card is required.
private KeyStore loadKeyStoreFromSmartCard(String aPKCS11LibraryFileName,
    String aSmartCardPIN)
throws GeneralSecurityException, IOException {
    // First configure the Sun PKCS#11 provider. It requires a stream (or file)
    // containing the configuration parameters - "name" and "library".
    String pkcs11ConfigSettings =
        "name = SmartCard\n" + "library = " + aPKCS11LibraryFileName;
    byte[] pkcs11ConfigBytes = pkcs11ConfigSettings.getBytes();
    ByteArrayInputStream confStream = new ByteArrayInputStream(pkcs11ConfigBytes);

    // Instantiate the provider dynamically with Java reflection
    try {
        Class sunPkcs11Class = Class.forName(SUN_PKCS11_PROVIDER_CLASS);
        Constructor pkcs11Constr = sunPkcs11Class.getConstructor(
        Provider pkcs11Provider = (Provider) pkcs11Constr.newInstance(confStream);
    } catch (Exception e) {
        throw new KeyStoreException("Can initialize Sun PKCS#11 security " +
            "provider. Reason: " + e.getCause().getMessage());

    // Read the keystore form the smart card
    char[] pin = aSmartCardPIN.toCharArray();
    KeyStore keyStore = KeyStore.getInstance(PKCS11_KEYSTORE_TYPE);
    keyStore.load(null, pin);
    return keyStore;

 * @return private key and certification chain corresponding to it, extracted from
 * given keystore. The keystore is considered to have only one entry that contains
 * both certification chain and its corresponding private key. If the keystore has
 * no entries, an exception is thrown.
private PrivateKeyAndCertChain getPrivateKeyAndCertChain(
    KeyStore aKeyStore)
throws GeneralSecurityException {
    Enumeration aliasesEnum = aKeyStore.aliases();
    if (aliasesEnum.hasMoreElements()) {
        String alias = (String)aliasesEnum.nextElement();
        Certificate[] certificationChain = aKeyStore.getCertificateChain(alias);
        PrivateKey privateKey = (PrivateKey) aKeyStore.getKey(alias, null);
        PrivateKeyAndCertChain result = new PrivateKeyAndCertChain();
        result.mPrivateKey = privateKey;
        result.mCertificationChain = certificationChain;
        return result;
    } else {
        throw new KeyStoreException("The keystore is empty!");

 * @return Base64-encoded ASN.1 DER representation of given X.509 certification
 * chain.
private String encodeX509CertChainToBase64(Certificate[] aCertificationChain)
throws CertificateException {
    List certList = Arrays.asList(aCertificationChain);
    CertificateFactory certFactory =
    CertPath certPath = certFactory.generateCertPath(certList);
    byte[] certPathEncoded = certPath.getEncoded(CERTIFICATION_CHAIN_ENCODING);
    String base64encodedCertChain = Base64Utils.base64Encode(certPathEncoded);
    return base64encodedCertChain;

 * Reads the specified file into a byte array.
private byte[] readFileInByteArray(String aFileName)
throws IOException {
    File file = new File(aFileName);
    FileInputStream fileStream = new FileInputStream(file);
    try {
        int fileSize = (int) file.length();
        byte[] data = new byte[fileSize];
        int bytesRead = 0;
        while (bytesRead < fileSize) {
            bytesRead += fileStream.read(data, bytesRead, fileSize-bytesRead);
        return data;
    finally {

 * Signs given document with a given private key.
private byte[] signDocument(byte[] aDocument, PrivateKey aPrivateKey)
throws GeneralSecurityException {
    Signature signatureAlgorithm =
    byte[] digitalSignature = signatureAlgorithm.sign();
    return digitalSignature;

 * Data structure that holds a pair of private key and
 * certification chain corresponding to this private key.
static class PrivateKeyAndCertChain {
    public PrivateKey mPrivateKey;
    public Certificate[] mCertificationChain;

 * Data structure that holds a pair of Base64-encoded
 * certification chain and digital signature.
static class CertificationChainAndSignatureBase64 {
    public String mCertificationChain = null;
    public String mSignature = null;

 * Exception class used for document signing errors.
static class DocumentSignException extends Exception {
    public DocumentSignException(String aMessage) {

    public DocumentSignException(String aMessage, Throwable aCause) {
        super(aMessage, aCause);

} While i run the applet i get a message for ckr operations not found . any help?

  • Indeed so far the Java applet is the only way to go. And what your actual question is? – Eugene Mayevski 'Allied Bits Nov 20 '15 at 9:35
  • 1
    applet with self signed certificates are restricted,so i placed the url in the exception list of java control manager. But while deployment, it may be a problem. Can we go for any other way? – Swetha Nov 20 '15 at 11:17
  • you need to get a proper certificate to sign the applet. Don't use self-signed certificates. – Eugene Mayevski 'Allied Bits Nov 20 '15 at 19:04

Older methods like java applets, Active X, etc which are phased out or are being phased out from the new Modern Browser offerings. Recently much is being talked about WebCrypto API but as of now, WebCrypto API does not provide access to (Windows) or any other Key stores or local crypto USB/Smartcard device.

Please refer to my answer to post User Authentication from Browser using Digital Signature Certificate on USB Token or Smart Card

Above post also has JavaScript code to sign pdf.

For file or return signing How to Digitally Sign GST Return or eReturn using JavaScript form Browser and USB Token of user? Can I use WebCrypto API?

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