I have two Jenkins instances running. An old (legacy) one at version 1.614 and a new one with 1.633.

In the old one it is possible to use HTML in the job description (it even does syntax highlighting editing it). The new one doesn't. HTML content is escaped and shown as plain text. I could not find a change in the release notes explaining this behavior. Is there a configuration that I'm missing?


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In the Global security menu:

enter image description here

Select this value to display HTML:

enter image description here


For enabling it via config: you have to install the configuration as code (CASC) plugin (https://plugins.jenkins.io/configuration-as-code/) , and add the following entries to your config file(s - I guess, it is better to have multiple files for a better overview):

        disableSyntaxHighLighting: false

If you don't need highlighting, change it to true

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