I am using PL/SQL Developer In my work, I need to use database whole day. Sometimes, during 30-60 minutes, I do not use ide and when I need to use it again, it requires reconnection.

I do not want to reconnect, is there any way to keep the connection alive whole day?

  • The dba may have you in a resource consumer group that stops inactive sessions after X minutes. If you don't want to have to reconnect, keep working :) Nov 20 '15 at 13:15

Go to Tools --> Preferences and click "Check connection". It pings the database every 60 seconds, making the session active and avoids idle session disconnects caused by profiles.

enter image description here

NOTE: This question and answer are for Allround Automations PL/SQL Developer. See this question if you're looking for Oracle SQL Developer.

  • I have the setting OFF and it's work ok. don't have the problem that OP reported... the settings is for Check Connection. When this option is enabled, PL/SQL Developer checks every 60 seconds if your database connection is still alive. If your session is killed or the server is shutdown, PL/SQL Developer will automatically logoff.
    – are
    Nov 20 '15 at 13:53
  • @are That's because your profile is has IDLE_TIME set to UNLIMITED. Most likely the OP's DBAs set their IDLE_TIME to a finite value due to some security policy. This PL/SQL Developer feature is poorly named and described, but it will definitely keep the session active enough to evade the profile limit.
    – Jon Heller
    Nov 20 '15 at 14:46
  • Awesome - I missed that setting. Much better than my answer :) Nov 20 '15 at 17:02
  • This doesn't look at all like my Tools - Preferences
    – Toolkit
    Nov 11 '19 at 7:05
  • 1
    @Toolkit You are probably using "Oracle SQL Developer", which is a different program than "PL/SQL Developer".
    – Jon Heller
    Nov 11 '19 at 21:12

you need check 'IDLE_TIME' and 'CONNECT_TIME' setting for your user profile

select * from dba_profiles
  where resource_name in  ('IDLE_TIME','CONNECT_TIME')


If a user exceeds the CONNECT_TIME or IDLE_TIME session resource limit, then the database rolls back the current transaction and ends the session. When the user process next issues a call, the database returns an error.

I have PL/SQL Developer opens for days and don't have the issue my PL/SQL Dev Tools-Prefernces-connection settings are:

  • Session Mode = Multy Session
  • Check connection = unchecked
  • Logoff with open transaction = Commit

and TIME settings are:

  • 1
    it's possible that the OP's DBAs have set things up so that connections are dropped after they've been idle for a certain period. I doubt that changing the above settings will affect how long the session is idle for.
    – Boneist
    Nov 20 '15 at 12:58
  • I have the same settings with you but as I said, I have problem. Nov 20 '15 at 13:12
  • updated - check IDLE and CONNECT time settings for your profile
    – are
    Nov 20 '15 at 13:17
  1. Install the Reconnect plug-in so at least reconnecting can be a simple button-press.

  2. Possibly against the intention of the DBA (if the issue is due to profile/resource manager settings), but you might try setting a Sessions window (or other report/query etc) to auto-refresh every 25 minutes or so.

Edit: I see on the Bar Solutions website the developer has moved Reconnect from "Plugins" to "Old Plugins". At my current client site I can't install plugins, so I can't tell whether it still works at the moment.

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