We are having one product for right now. I want our product to be the shop page. Do you know how I can make the product that i created to shop page ? If the user click shop it should only show my single product. Not the product list, since we are having one product. Product means it has the add to cart button in that page. So shop page should show the product page with add to cart button, product info, price, everything.

For example, I want the user click shop page it should link to my single page like this. http://www.garageclothing.com/us/hooded-flannel-plaid-shirt/p/100009673

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I think you should be able to filter template_redirect.

function so_template_redirect(){
    if( function_exists( 'is_shop' ) && is_shop() ){
        $product_id = 999; // change to the ID of your 1 product
        $permalink = get_permalink( $product_id );
        wp_redirect( $permalink );
add_action( 'template_redirect', 'so_template_redirect' );
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  • Do I put this code in the function.php? – sisi Nov 20 '15 at 18:53
  • I add to my function.php . It works great. Thank you again .appreciated :) Can you help me with other questions too? I post another question this morning. – sisi Nov 20 '15 at 18:55
  • I answer questions when I have time, when I am interested in a question, or when I think I can contribute quickly. If you need on-demand type of help then you should be hiring a developer. – helgatheviking Nov 20 '15 at 19:10

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