I have mp4 video file,which i need to load on my page,i am using MSE for that,but i don't know how can i get my video in segments with .m4s extensions,with header.m4s as parent segment with all information about my video file stored in it?Please help.

  • I can not load that mp4 file directly as i am supposed to make it hard for downloading.So need encrypted url – vin Nov 21 '15 at 11:52

I believe that if a video is embedded on the website, it can be downloaded.

The only thing you could do is make it difficult for download.

This might be helpful. It says using a flash video is a good option to make downloading videos a bit difficult. Never used it but you could give it a try.

  • Yeah,need to make it difficult for download! flash video it make your page load slow,that is why i ws ingnoring it,bt now ll give a try. thank you! – vin Nov 24 '15 at 4:39

To protect the video, you should probably not try to artificially obfuscate the video loading. MPEG DASH supports encrypted MP4 video and common encryption (CENC), that could be a thing you can look into.

  • Well thank you,i did some RnD regarding this,Now i am using 'AESAlgorithm for Video Encryption/Decryption' ,and its working so smooth. – vin Aug 5 '16 at 7:40

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