I have a problem: my woocommerce won't send emails when I cancel an order, though the recipients is


in the WC Email Settings.

I also tried adding my own mail address but it doesn't work too.

Furthermore I wonder why all other mails work..

Any help is appreciated! Thanks in advance

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    What happens when you leave it blank? Does it send it to the default email address? – Tim Sheehan Nov 21 '15 at 12:09
  • Oh boy didn't think of this and yes it does send it my admin mail is my customer mail variable wrong? – davbuc Nov 21 '15 at 12:18
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    To be honest I'm not sure if you can actually send a cancellation email to your customer via the admin area, what you can do is add a hook in for the cancellation email docs.woothemes.com/wc-apidocs/hook-docs.html and either add an additional email to it or replace the email address its being sent to. – Tim Sheehan Nov 21 '15 at 13:30

Put this in your site's theme's functions.php:

 * Add customer email to Cancelled Order recipient list
 function wc_cancelled_order_add_customer_email( $recipient, $order ){
     return $recipient . ',' . $order->billing_email;
 add_filter( 'woocommerce_email_recipient_cancelled_order', 'wc_cancelled_order_add_customer_email', 10, 2 );
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  • Works like a charm, I cannot believe there is not a simple checkbox in woocommerce for this. – MitchellK May 7 '19 at 14:00
function wc_cancelled_order_add_customer_email( $recipient, $order )
 return $recipient . ',' . $order->billing_email; 
add_filter( 'woocommerce_email_recipient_cancelled_order', 'wc_cancelled_order_add_customer_email', 10, 2 ); 
add_filter( 'woocommerce_email_recipient_failed_order', 'wc_cancelled_order_add_customer_email', 10, 2 );
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    A good answer will always have an explanation of what was done and why it was done in such a manner, not only for the OP but for future visitors to SO. Please add some description to make others understand. – Rucha Bhatt Joshi Aug 31 '17 at 7:10

You can also try this plugin to send emails on cancellation (and other events)


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