I'm using Hudson to build Maven-projects with the dedicated Maven 2 job. unfortunately, I can't find any way to publish the generated javadoc like it can be done using a "Free Style" job and the "Publish javadoc" option. Running the javadoc goal didn't link the generated javadocs.

Any ideas?


The answer is, that in your POM you need to define javadoc as a report like this:


There is no need to switch to freestyle project. After it, hudson will publish it as a link in project view. My Hudson version is 1.376.

  • +1 It works for me, if a add the goals javadoc:javadoc and site:site – stacker Jul 7 '11 at 16:09

i'm using javadoc:aggregate and Hudson will recognize it. Actually it is equivalent to javadoc:javadoc AND site:site as javadoc:aggregate generates reporting too.



What we do:

  • Use -DperformRelease in the Maven options to generate the ...-javadoc.jar
  • Create and deploy a Maven site which includes the javadoc.
  • I'm using Hudson to build non-Maven projects too and would like the javadoc to be linked on the job page. – mort Aug 2 '10 at 6:39

Well, the best I could do was switching to a "Free Style" job...the Maven job isn't doing that much for me anyways.

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