I have a PostgreSQL database on a Linux system that I want to access from my Windows PC. But the only Windows binaries I have been able to find are the full installer, which includes the database server and client.

Is it possible to get a client-only Windows binary install for PostgreSQL from anywhere?

(To clarify, I want the standard PostgreSQL client, psql - not a GUI client or independent tool).

  • Why don't use ssh into your linux machine and use psql there? – mehmet Nov 22 '15 at 17:11
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    Basically because any scripts I develop will be on my local PC, and so running from there is easier. All my development work is at the Windows console prompt, so running my SQL from there as well is just more convenient. – Paul Moore Nov 23 '15 at 14:10
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    @mehmet he's asking for a client, if he's asking for that is obvious that he doesn't need/want/can't run psql in the Linux machine. – VaTo Apr 5 '18 at 17:30

Unfortunately there is no real client "only" installer.

What you can do, is to download the ZIP archive of the complete Postgres binaries:


and then remove the "server" part from it.

When you unzip it, you get the following directories:

pgAdmin III

You can remove the doc, include, pgAdmin III, StackBuilder and symbols directories. As far as I can tell (but I am not sure) the client also doesn't need the share or lib directories, but you would need to test that. So that leaves only the bin directory.

I think the share directory could be needed for localized error messages in psql but I'm not sure about that.

Inside the bin directory you can essentially remove all .exe files (except psql.exe of course). You can also remove all wx*.dll files, they are only needed for pgAdmin. The libxml2.dll and libxslt.dll are also only needed for the server.

If you do want some of the other client tools, you might want to keep

  • pg_dump.exe
  • pg_dumpall.exe
  • pg_restore.exe

One drawback of this approach is that this requires the Visual C++ Redistributable to be installed. But you can overcome that as well by simply putting the MSVCR120.DLL from some computer where it is installed into the bin directory.

So that leaves you with these files (from the bin directory) that are required for the psql client:

  • iconv.dll
  • libeay32.dll
  • libintl-8.dll
  • libpq.dll
  • msvcr120.dll
  • ssleay32.dll
  • zlib1.dll
  • psql.exe

Of course you can also take all that from an existing Postgres installation without the need to download the ZIP archive.

It is obviously not a real installer, but if you put the cleaned up directory into a ZIP file, you can distribute that and whoever needs it just unzips the archive. Personally I find unzip to be the best "installer" anyway (I also use that to install the Postgres server, the Windows installer just has too many quirks)

  • Thanks. I'm not actually too worried about stripping out the unneeded server bits - the main thing I want to avoid is the installer creating accounts, the service and a database - so just having the zip distribution is fine. I looked for this first, but could only find the installer on the EnterpriseDB site (the postgresql site points only to enterprisedb.com/products-services-training/pgdownload and there's no link from there to the bin download page :-(). – Paul Moore Nov 23 '15 at 14:15
  • Whoops. Just noticed the "advanced users" link on the postgresql.org download page. I must have missed that last time. – Paul Moore Nov 23 '15 at 14:17
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    For anyone on PostgreSQL >= 9.6.3 wondering where iconv.dll went, bring in libiconv-2.dll instead. – Anthony Neace Sep 22 '17 at 17:50

Actually there are client CLI tools in pgAdmin. All you need is just to install it on your Windows machine from https://www.postgresql.org/download/windows/.

Then you'll be able to find those tools in folder like C:\Program Files (x86)\pgAdmin III\1.22 or C:\Program Files (x86)\pgAdmin 4\v2\runtime, depends on the pgAdmin version you have installed.


I realize this is an older question, but when I used the Windows installer for the latest version of Postgres (10.4), it gave me the option to install just the command line tools. I just unchecked server and pgadmin in the installer's window when prompted to choose what I wanted to install.

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    Note, as of today I see two Windows installers in the PostgreSQL web site and only one of them has the option to install only the command line tools. The EnterpriseDB installer has the option, the BigSQL installer does not have a command line tools only option. – SeanN Jul 31 '18 at 15:45

Thanks to everyone who has posted on this thread.

For what it's worth, I got psql.exe from PostgreSQL 10.10 working under Windows 10 with just the following files from the zip archive:

libpq.dll libssl-1_1-x64.dll

When connecting to AWS Redshift, I got the following error:

psql: FATAL: invalid value for parameter "client_encoding": "WIN1252"

I resolved this by running


I found this solution at https://forums.aws.amazon.com/thread.jspa?messageID=600088


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