I am using @TestPropertySource to overwrite application.yml properties in my integration test for a spring boot app.

@TestPropertySource(properties = { "repository.file.path=src/test/resources/x" })

I was wondering if there was some way to make the property VALUE dynamic. Something like this:

 @TestPropertySource(properties = { "repository.file.path=PropertyValueProvider.class" })

Your feedback is appreciated. In my case the property value is system specific that should be generated upon the test run.


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@TestPropertySource only provides declarative mechanisms for configuring PropertySources. Documentation in Spring Reference Manual.

If you need programmatic support for adding a PropertySource to the Environment, you should implement an ApplicationContextInitializer which can be registered via @ContextConfiguration(initializers = ...). Documentation in Spring Reference Manual.


Sam (author of the Spring TestContext Framework)


You can also do this with the @DynamicPropertySource annotation in Spring Boot 5.2. This enables you to set the property value programmatically (dynamically).

See: https://github.com/spring-projects/spring-framework/issues/24540

Add this to your integration test class:

static void dynamicProperties(DynamicPropertyRegistry registry) {
  registry.add("my.property", () -> {
       // some logic to get your property dynamically
  • How would you do if you want to test with 2 or more values in my.property?
    – Felipe
    Jun 23, 2022 at 18:36

I did this thanks to Sam Brannen's answer

Here's the sample code:

@ContextConfiguration(classes = { MyConfiguration.class }, initializers = { MyInitializer.class })
public class MyContextConfiguration {
    public static class MyInitializer implements ApplicationContextInitializer<ConfigurableApplicationContext> {
        public void initialize(ConfigurableApplicationContext applicationContext) {
            String userNameLower = System.getProperty("user.name").toLowerCase();
            Map<String, Object> dynamicProperties = Map.of("user.name.lower", userNameLower);
            MapPropertySource propertySource = new MapPropertySource("dynamic", dynamicProperties);

    @PropertySource("classpath:my-static.properties") // properties in this file can reference ${user.name.lower}
    public static class MyConfiguration {
        public MyBean myBean(@Value("${user.name.lower}") String userNameLower) {
            return new MyBean(userNameLower);

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