I have Bluetooth SPP module SPP-C / SPP-CA , it is cheap module that should work the same way as well known HC-06 / HC-05 modules.

I have got one problem, everything works, module is communicating over serial interface pairing etc... but i can not enter the AT mode to change device name pin or baud rate. Does anyone had the same problem and how to solve it ? there is a very small data published and sellers are not responding.

So I assume that someone may help with that situation. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Bluetooth-Module-UART-Serial-Interface-SPP-CA-works-with-YZXstudio-USB-Monitors-/201414967094 that's the module. it is based on Beken BK3211 chip.


It seems that nothing special is needed to enter command mode on the SPP-CA module I have.

Whenever you connect or disconnect by bluetooth, the module will print:

.. serial data is transferred ..

When the module is disconnected, you can execute AT commands such as AT+BAUD just like with HC05 modules.

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