I want to fetch and display a list of movies. I use this API called OMDb API. But it seems I need to create an API key for that. On their site they explain:

Send all data requests to:


Poster API requests:


In this I'm a little confused, as I am new to iOS. Which one of the above methods should I use to fetch all data and display them? If I need to create an API key, where can I get it from their page?

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Try the values in parameters table in their website by making use of the examples section. Use different parameters for different responses.

For example, to request for a movie with title "inception", just put in this entry and hit search in the text field and it generates the link for you.

I will attach the link here so that you will get the idea http://www.omdbapi.com/?t=inception&y=&plot=short&r=json

Hit the above link and it will generate the required response. So this is the link pattern that you should use in your iOS project.

Have fun with iOS..

There's free API key available for OMDb API now. http://www.omdbapi.com/apikey.aspx

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