How can I create a subplot grid with Plotly in R?

The official site has this nice Python example:

Python Example

The python code has the option rows=2 and cols=2, but in R the subplot function has just the parameter nrows, without ncols.

I tried this example in R, but nrows do not seam to work as expected:

# Basic subplot
p <- plot_ly(economics, x = date, y = uempmed)
  margin = 0.05,
) %>% layout(showlegend = FALSE)

They are in a line instead of in a grid. See the result:

enter image description here

Here is the R suplots page for reference. Unfortunately, use ggplotly is not a option for me, like this


It was a bug. Plotly team is very fast, and it was fixed in just 3 days (check here)! Github version is already updated. Great job!

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This seems to be a genuine bug in the way subplot() generates the y-axis domains for the two plots. Indeed, they overlap which can easily be seen if you execute

p <- plot_ly(economics, x = date, y = uempmed)
q <- plot_ly(economics, x = date, y = unemploy)

subplot(p,q, nrows = 2)

This will produce the following plot:

enter image description here

If you take a close look at the y-axis you see that they overlap. That hints at a problem in the way subplot() defines the domain of the y-axes of the subplot.

If we correct the domain specification of the y-axes manually (following the plotly documentation), we can solve the problem:

subplot(p,q, nrows = 2) %>% layout(yaxis = list(domain = c(0, 0.48)), 
                                   yaxis2 = list(domain = c(0.52, 1)))

This produces: enter image description here

Now, if you want to reproduce the 4x4 subplot matrix similar to the Python example, you probably need to manually adjust the x-axis domains in a similar way.

Since this is a bug and my solution is only a workaround, I suggest, however, that you file an issue with plotly on GitHub.

  • Tks for your response. I followed you advice and opened the issue #313 in GitHub. – Murta Nov 27 '15 at 15:52
  • They are really fast. Bug fixed. – Murta Nov 30 '15 at 14:35

Based on this:

p <- economics %>%
  tidyr::gather(variable, value, -date) %>%
  transform(id = as.integer(factor(variable))) %>%
  plot_ly(x = ~date, y = ~value, color = ~variable, colors = "Dark2",
          yaxis = ~paste0("y", id)) %>%
  add_lines() %>%
  subplot(nrows = 5, shareX = TRUE)

enter image description here

  • I am trying exactly this example. And I get the error Error in subplot(., nrows = 5, shareX = TRUE) : unused arguments (nrows = 5, shareX = TRUE) – urwaCFC Aug 23 '17 at 11:18

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