I have a simple PHP program but I am encountering this error:

Class 'NumberFormatter' not found

I have researched similar issues in Stackoverflow but honestly none gave a concrete solution. Others suggest to upgrade the version of PHP, others un-comment a specific line in the php.ini file and none of those worked for me.

Below is my code: I even used the suggested solution from https://bugs.php.net but it still doesn't work.

<!DOCTYPE html>

function writeMsg(){

$f = new \NumberFormatter("en", \NumberFormatter::SPELLOUT);    

echo $f->format(1432);


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Two things

  1. You need PHP 5.3 or above.

  2. You may not have the php-intl extension installed.

To check, run in your terminal:

php -m | grep intl

If there's no results, you'll need to install it which varies depending on your system and PHP Version

On a Mac for example, you can install it for PHP 5.6 by running:

brew install php56-intl

Make sure you restart your web server after you install!


If you're running XAMPP, then this is probably installed but not enabled.

  1. Find your php.ini file -- path-to-your-xampp/php/php.ini -- and open it in an editor.

  2. Search for php_intl. If you find ;extension=php_intl.dll, then just remove the semi-colon from the front of the line -- this uncomments it.

  3. Restart XAMPP!

  • I am a php newbie and just using xampp 3.2.1 PHP version is 5.5.27 HOw can I chack the extension not using the terminal? Nov 23, 2015 at 17:17
  • In that case, it may be installed but not enabled. You'll want to find your php.ini file. Thats probably in your XAMPP application direction/php/php.ini. Open that file in an editor and search for php_intl. If you find ;extension=php_intl.dll, then just remove the semi-colon from the front of the line -- this uncomments it. Then restart XAMPP
    – djt
    Nov 23, 2015 at 17:21
  • Thank you solved my problem will accept the answer but I have a request. Please edit your answer to include the xampp approach to help others because there are similar questions here in stackoverflow but the accepted answers are not the correct ones. Nov 23, 2015 at 17:38
  • @TwoThumbSticks glad it worked. I updated my answer
    – djt
    Nov 23, 2015 at 17:41

As stated, you should have PHP 5 >= 5.3.0 version and if you already uncomment ;extension=php_intl.dll from php.ini file and still not working.. try to take a look at this answer. it really solve my problem.

intl extension php_intl.dll with wamp


You need to use

use \NumberFormatter;

The above code

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