Let's say I have a few directories, each running a different branch of a Meteor development server. I could cd to each directory, run meteor shell, and type a command. And that's great for 2 or 3 directories, but what if I have 10? 100?

Is there some equivalent of

meteor shell < 'DoJSThing()`

that I can script from the command line, so that I can use[1]

for d in ./*/ ; do (cd "$d" && meteor shell "doJSThing()" ); done

[1] source for bash for loop

  • This will be part of a future release. See this PR. Nov 23 '15 at 18:45
  • Anyone knows how to do that?
    – Deian
    Feb 29 '16 at 22:01

On the latest Meteor (I'm currently testing on 1.3), you can indeed use the syntax provided in that pull request:

$ echo Meteor.isServer | meteor shell

You can also write your JS to a file and use the < syntax to pipe into stdin:

$ meteor shell < myfile

It's worth noting that if you name your JS file with a .js extension, it'll auto-load into the running Meteor app, which is potentially, but probably not, what you want.

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