I am using Python 3.4.2 and I have this code:

import csv
import random

filename = input("Please enter the name of your file: ")

# Open file and read rows 0 and 1 into dictionary.
capital_of = dict(csv.reader(open(filename)))

# Randomly select a country from the dictionary
choice = random.choice(capital_of.keys())

# The correct capital corresponds to the dictionary entry for the country
answer = capital_of[choice]

# Take a guess from the user
guess = input("What is the capital of %s? " % choice)

# If it's right, let the user know
if guess == answer:
# Otherwise, do what you want to do.

This code was given to me as a solution on a previous question but upon entering the name of my CSV file, I get this error:

TypeError: 'dict_keys' object does not support indexing

Does anybody know a fix for this?



Try this:

choice = random.choice(list(capital_of.keys()))

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