I have a problem escaping the dollar sign in an mathescaped lstlisting environment

  $\delta$(Z, $\varepsilon$, $S) = (R, $\varepsilon$)

With the help of an answer of a related question I got the idea to use another sign instead of the dollar sign like this:


But when I used inside the listing I got \$ instead of $.


You can use \$ within math-mode (under mathescape) or \mbox{\textdollar}:

enter image description here

\begin{lstlisting}[basicstyle=\ttfamily, mathescape]
$\delta$(Z, $\varepsilon$, $\mbox{\textdollar}$S) = (R, $\varepsilon$)
$\delta$(Z, $\varepsilon$, $\$$S) = (R, $\varepsilon$)

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