Where is the Empty Project option within VS 2015?

There is no longer a "General" or "Other templates" category & is not visible under the basic list of C#/C++ options.

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The "Empty Project" template (if it can be called that) is now located under:

Installed → Visual (C#/C++/etc) → Windows → Classic Desktop

Empty Project will show up as a standard item within the alphabetically ordered list.

This is assuming you installed basic language templates when installing VS - otherwise, just pick your language & follow the prompts to install the necessary tools (+templates).

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    I cant believe its embedded so deep down the menus man, it really should be a top level option!
    – Stuart
    Commented Nov 29, 2016 at 12:50

You can search too, it's quicker (VS2015): File > New > Project > [Search Installed Templates Empty] > Blank Solution.

For me it's the first solution choice.

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