My JSF2 application is fully internationalized, using a ResourceBundle.

Now i have a lot of Javascript-code, which does some alerts and stuff. There i would like to access my ResourceBundle. I could successfully access simple ResourceBundle keys like this:


Unfortunately, my convention for keys in my bundle is to use dots . as seperators for my keys, for example message.email.sent=E-Mails sent.. But when i do


JSF tries to access "email" like a function on the string returned by bundle.message. How can i tell the EL-resolver to use the whole "message.email.sent" as the key?

I also tried stuff like


Which also results in errors. Any suggestions?

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You indeed need to use the brace notation, when the 'key' contains characters that have a meaning in EL, but you don't need to escape the singlequotes, regardless of whatever JS syntax highlighter is telling you otherwise. EL runs when Java/JSF runs, not when JS runs.

  • So obvious... why didn't i test that? Thanks! Aug 3, 2010 at 14:51

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